China intruded Bhutan and built a village

The world community needs to come together and take action now to permanently curb China’s expansionist ambitions.

New Delhi – China has intruded in Bhutan and established a village called Pangda there. Shen Shiwai, a senior journalist with China’s CGTN news channel, posted some photos to show how much China has developed the region; however, this revealed that China had infiltrated the village. The village is just 9 km from Doklam, which is a source of tension between India and China.  Shen posted a photo and tweeted that it was part of Doklam.


Shen also shared a map of Pangda village. This area is 2 km from the Bhutan border. Shen deleted the tweet after it was revealed; however, the website ‘Detresfa’, which reveals confidential information has shared a picture showing that China has built the village. China had started construction in the area last year. It is not clear whether Bhutan allowed China to settle in the area. Bhutan’s ambassador in India refused the existence of any such village.