Anti-Muslim sentiments would rise; hence Congress Government did not counterattack Pakistan after 26/11 attack ! – Barak Obama reveals

  • It is good that the real face of Congress has been exposed by the United States’ former President ! Since the last many decades, Hindu organisations are stating the same; however, the so-called progressives and secularists are not ready to believe the fact. Hopefully, at least now, they would question the Congress by acknowledging the fact.
  • The Congress party is a curse to the nation. Congress has caused so much of damage to the country not only post-independence but also since the beginning of Gandhi era during pre-independence period. 
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Washington (US)- Former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh avoided to attack Pakistan after the 26/11 terrorist attack on Mumbai. He had to pay political costs for the same. Dr. Manmohan Singh feared that this would lead to anti-Muslim sentiments to rise, resulting in strengthening the influence of BJP. And hence, Dr. Manmohan Singh avoided taking any action against Pakistan, revealed the US former President Barak Obama in his autobiography ‘A Promised Land’.

Some of the Pakistani soldiers had relations with Taliban and Al-Queda !

The US did not take any assistance from Pakistan to kill Laden !

Why did Obama not talk about the fact that despite of knowing this, the US financially supported Pakistan and provided military assistance to Pakistan ? Why does he not accept this mistake ? India is facing the effects of the US supporting Pakistan for its political interests. Would Obama and the US apologise to India for this ?

‘The Pakistan Government had supported us in taking action against Osama Bin Laden. Pakistan also helped the US soldiers to provide required material; however, few of the Pakistani soldiers and especially Pakistani Intelligence Bureau (ISI) had relations with the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Therefore they were not included in this action, revealed Barak Obama in his autobiography’, Obama added. He said that ‘these Pakistani people were engaged in keeping Afghanistan Government weak and away from India.’

Joe Biden had opposed Laden encounter !

Former Vice President, Joe Biden and former US Secretary of Defence, Robert Gates had opposed to kill the 2011 terrorist Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan.  Many options were considered killing Laden. It was very challenging to maintain  confidentiality in this operation, noted Obama in his autobiography.

ISI uses Al-Qaeda and Taliban against India and Afghanistan !

It is an open secret that the Pakistani military has a support of Al-Qaeda, Taliban and other terrorist organisations. We all know how dangerous it would be. Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI has close relations with Al-Qaeda and Taliban. ISI used these terrorist organisations against India and Afghanistan, noted Obama in his this book.

Millions of people are homeless in India but businessmen are living a royal

Millions of people are still living in a very bad condition in India. People are living in huts in the penury in famine dominated villages; however, at the same time, big businessman and industrialists in India are living the luxurious life of kings and Mughals, added Obama in his book. Obama had visited India In 2015. He was then President of the US. Industrialists had formed a queue to meet Obama. Reliance Industries’ protagonist Mukesh Ambani was also a part of this queue. A picture of this queue was also published in the news at that time.

Modern India is a success story !

Despite the bitter feuds within political parties, various separatist movements and all types of corruption scandals, it has to be noted that the modern- India is a success story. The transition to a more market-based economy in the 1990s unleashed the extraordinary entrepreneurial talents of Indians, leading to the expansion of the technology sector and middle class. Thus in many respects, modern India is a success story. He has praised Dr. Manmohan Singh as a pioneer of all these economical transitions.

Congress has caused much damage not only after Independence but also since the beginning of the Gandhi era !