We will not forget that Corona originated in China, hence if we again come to power, we will break all ties with China ! – Donald Trump

Presently too, Trump is in power, then why is he not cutting all ties with China now ? Is he following the footsteps of Indian politicians by giving false promises and making fools of the public ? 

Washington (US) – We will never forget that Corona came from China. If the citizens of the US vote me back to power, then we will cut off all relationships with China, promised US President Donald Trump during his campaign for the Presidency. The US Presidential elections are due to be held on 3rd November, 2020.

Trump said that “The attack of China, in the form of Corona, had been done when America’s economy was very good. They should not have done like that. We had imposed a total lockdown. We have saved lakhs of lives. Now, the rules have been relaxed.