China also entangles the Maldives in a debt trap

China is challenging India by trying to dominate the neighbouring countries of India such as Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, etc. in a debt trap. Realising this, the Government should check China in time.

Former Maldivian Prime Minister Mohammed Nasheed and Chinese President Xi Jinping

Male (Maldives) – China has drawn the Maldives into a debt trap due to its expansionist rogue aspirations. The Maldives has a debt of 3.1 billion dollars. The entire Maldives economy is worth 5 billion dollars. Former Prime Minister of Maldives, Mahmud Nasheed said that it also included loans given to Government and private industries and investments made in various fields. Maldives Government has given a guarantee for this. With this, China can trap the Maldives Government. If the Maldives Government fails to repay this loan, then its condition will be similar to Sri Lanka. Because of Sri Lanka’s inability to repay its loan, Hambantota, their important port, has recently been leased for ninety-nine years to China. Similarly, China has entered the power grid of Laos province in a similar fashion. In the year 2013,  Abdulla Yameen Government of Maldives had taken a loan from  the Chinese government in the name of big projects, the same debt has become a disaster of the present Government.

Possibility of becoming a big headache for India !

The Maldives is an important country for India, spread over 90,000 sq km. The Indian island Miniquye is only a 100 kilometres from the Maldives sea border, whereas, the Maldives is at a distance of 600 km from the south of Kerala. China is also trying to take control of the Indian Ocean. Keeping in mind the martial importance of Maldives, China has trapped the Maldives in debt.