Central Government grants permission to start school for students of classes IX to XII from 21st September

  • For students, coming to the school is optional

  • Only schools outside the containment area will be opened

New Delhi – The Central Government has given permission to start the school for the students of classes IX to XII from 21st September 2020. Due to this, the schools which have been closed for the last five months are going to start partially. However, students can come to school as they wish, said Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan. Only schools outside the containment area will be able to open. Teachers, students, employees etc. of the containment area will not be allowed to come to the school.

Government rules 

1. Markings should be made at a distance of 6 feet to line up in the school premises and outside the campus. Safety should be taken care of in the ‘staff room’ as well.

2. As far as possible, classes should be held in the open. Do not run any ventures such as sports, events etc.

3. It will be necessary to put helpline number and local health officer number in big letters in the school.

4. It will be necessary to clean the classroom with the use of 1% sodium hypochlorite, before the commencement classes, the laboratory, and other collective use places.

5. 50% of teachers and staff will be called for online classes, tele-counselling and other work.

6. For employees, an alternative touch-free method should be arranged at the place to register the biometric attendance.

7. While using an air conditioner, its temperature should be between 24 to 30 degrees, the humidity should be 40 to 70 %. There should be air movement in the class as much as possible.

8. Students can use their locker by following the rules of social distancing. Rules will be applicable for gym. Swimming pool will remain closed.

9. All these rules will continue to be applicable for the institution requiring laboratory and workshop e.g.  Business Training Centres, Higher Education Institutions, Technical Education Institutions and other Vocational Courses Institutions, the Ministry of Health explained.