Hindu businessman killed by unidentified people in Pakistan on Bakri Eid

Minority Hindus are steadily killed in Pakistan; but, the International Human Rights Commission, Progressives, Media, Central Government etc. does not raise any voice for them ! There should be a Hindu Nation to protect Hindus across the world, including Pakistan ! 

Raja Kishan Chand

Islamabad (Pakistan) – A Hindu businessman was killed by unidentified people in Kherpur, Pakistan, on the day of Bakri Eid. The businessman’s name is Raja Kishan Chand. Kishan was attacked when he was going home. He died in this attack. No Pakistani newspaper has published the news of this murder. Therefore, devout Hindus are calling upon the social media to bring justice to the oppressed Hindus, by informing them about this incident.

A few days ago, some armed attackers opened fire on Mainak Mal’s four-wheeler, a Hindu businessman, in Pakistan. He was seriously injured in the attack.