’Buy only Indian Rakhi’s on Rakshabandhan’ ! – Confederation of All India Traders

  • A decision not to import Rakhi as well as its raw material from China

  • China likely to incur a loss of ₹4,000 crores

  • Instead of business organisations the Central Government should ban all kinds of imports from China

New Delhi – The country’s largest trade organisation, ‘Confederation of All India Traders’ (CAIT), has urged citizens not to use Chinese – made Rakhi’s on Rakshabandhan, which is on 3rd August. The boycott of Chinese goods has begun from 10th June, under the campaign ‘Indian goods, our pride’, by CAIT. Rakshabandhan is the first big upcoming festival after this campaign. According to the estimate by CAIT, if Chinese Rakhi’s are banned this year, China would incur a loss of ₹4,000 crores.

  • According to a data, an estimated trade of ₹6,000 crore takes place every year on Rakshabandhan in the country. In which, China alone has the market share of ₹4,000 crores.
  • Most of the materials required for the decoration of Rakhi’s, such as foam, paper, thread, pearl and other decorative items for Rakhi, is imported from China ; but this year, due to the India – China conflict, CAIT has decided to stop this import.
  • Delhi – NCR unit convenor of the CAIT, Sushil Kumar Jain, has said, ‘CAIT has asked its members across different states to manufacture Rakhis with the help of people working in raw settlements in the cities, self – help groups of women and women running business from home. Through this, women will get financial assistance, and the objective of making Indian Rakhi’s will also be successful completely.