Now only God can save us from corona ! – Karnataka’s Health Minister B. Sriramulu

God saves only His devotees. So ‘in a pandemic like corona, if someone really feels that the God should protect me’ then he should start performing spiritual practice, abide by Dharma and have morality !

B. Sriramulu

Chitradurga (Karnataka) – Karnataka’s Health Minister B. Sriramulu stated that, ‘due to increasing outbreak of Corona pandemic only God can save us.’ As of 16th July, there are 47,253 cases in Karnataka. Among them, 18,466 patients have already returned home after recovery. The death toll in the State due to Covid-19 is 928.

B. Sriramulu added, ‘the number of corona cases is consistently increasing across the world. Hence, everyone should be careful. The virus does not discriminate whether you are from the ruling party or in the opposition, rich or poor. I am 100 % sure that the number of cases would increase even more in the next two months. It is alleged that the increase in the number of cases is due to the Government’s negligence or irresponsibility of the Ministers or due to lack of the coordination between the Ministers. However, these allegations are baseless. Now, only God can save us from corona.’