Nepal stops road construction work of India on Bihar border

Sitamarhi (Bihar) – The road construction work being carried out by India on the Indian side along the Indo-Nepal border was stopped by the Nepal Police. Since this road is a part of the national highway, local Indian citizens expressed rage over this act of Nepal. This road was in a pathetic condition for many years, so it was being rebuilt.

The Commandant of the Indian Armed Forces, Naveen Kumar said, this problem will be resolved by discussions with the Nepal officials in this context.

The place where Nepal has prevented the work of this road is Indian soil, but the Nepal Police authority opposed the road construction by calling it a ‘No man’s land’. ‘No man’s land’ is a part of the border between two countries, which no country can claim and the armies of both countries cannot even patrol there.

The road tussle is the latest episode in the souring of ties between the two countries after Nepal last month approved a new map with three territories held by India. Bihar shares a 631 km. border with Nepal.

On 13th June, Nepali border guards had shot dead a civilian of Sitamarhi District.

India should try to overthrow the Nepali Government and bring in a Government that is close to Indian culture !