Shadab Khanam apologises for teaching fourth standard students, ‘Pakistan is our dear motherland’ : Gorakhpur (U P)

Is apology going to change her mind set ?

Those who feel Pakistan is their motherland should go to Pakistan !

Gorakhpur (UP) – The teacher Shadab Khanam from GN Government School in the city gave an example as ‘Pakistan is our dear motherland’ while teaching English to 4th standard students in her online classes. After remonstrance she rendered an apology.

Parents of students lodged a complaint against Mrs. Khanam to the school Principal. Mrs Khanam rendered an apology in writing after the school filed a Police complaint against her. She also promised in the letter that she would not repeat the mistake in future. (This Pro-Pak teacher rendered an apology after the remonstrance. Her love for Pakistan would have got shielded had no one opposed her actions. The patriots expect that the Government immediately dismisses such Pro-Pak teachers and makes them sit at home considering the student’s future ! – Editor)