Jamia Professor who failed 15 non-Muslim students for supporting CAA suspended

The Government should award such people life-imprisonment. How can people who have such extreme hatred be appointed as professors ?

New Delhi – Jamia Millia Islamia professor who had allegedly failed 15 non-Muslim students in examinations for supporting Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) has been suspended from the University for inciting communal disharmony.

Calling it serious misconduct, the University suspended him pending an inquiry. The Assistant Professor identified as Dr. Abrar Ahmad, however, alleged that it was sarcasm and that his tweet was a ‘parody’. Since his tweet went viral, the professor has enabled the protection feature of his account. (Why can it not be presumed that such a tweet, allegedly a ‘parody’, may not be practised tomorrow ? – Editor)

Even if the tweet is a ‘parody’, the use of the term ‘non-Muslims’ itself is worrisome as if the majority Hindus of this country don’t have any identity. The professor’s tweet came after the Jamia Coordination Committee temporarily suspended its ongoing 24 hours sit-in protest at gate no. 7, near the University citing the coronavirus outbreak.