Irked with Trump’s India visit, Pakistan’s ISI fueled violence in Delhi

New Delhi – Irked with Indian Air Force’s airstrikes in Balakot and US President Donald Trump’s highly successful India visit, Pakistan’s notorious spy agency – Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) – is conspiring to trigger communal riots and create unrest across the country.

According to sources in the intelligence agencies, the recent violence in the North-East areas of Delhi is being seen as the handiwork of the ISI. Intelligence sources claimed that the sleeper cells of the underworld and ISI agents in India are funding some Indian social media handles and websites to promote fake news to spread instability in India.

To execute its nefarious anti-India design, the ISI is also mobilising high-quality Fake Indian Currency Notes to India via Nepal and Dubai. The inputs gathered by the intelligence agencies have revealed that this fake currency has a striking resemblance to the genuine Indian currency as it matches 7 out of 9 security features, making it highly difficult for an ordinary man to identify them. The ISI is also using pro-Pakistan sympathisers and illegal Muslim immigrants to incite nationwide riots and violence across India.

According to sources, ISI is inciting Muslims for stone-pelting in sensitive cities across the country to disrupt peace and normalcy in the country. It is also providing them adequate funds to continue anti-India protests over issues such as CAA, NRC and NPR.

The ISI angle is also being looked into for violence that erupted during the anti-Citizenship Amendment Act protests in Delhi’s Jamia Nagar, Seelampur, Jaffrabad and other areas of North-East Delhi.

Sources suggest that anti-terror cells across the country are investigating several suspicious phone calls and at least 1,000 WhatsApp groups, for suspicious activities. Sources added that on the lines of Jammu & Kashmir, ISI is inciting irate Muslims to attack security forces and the Police with stones in the national capital, which was evident in the recent violence here.

Massive and violent protests erupted against the CAA and slowly gripped the Nation after the situation escalated in several places including Delhi, Maharashtra, Bengal, Bihar and North-East States.

The anti-CAA protests escalated in Delhi on 15th December and since then the protests have caused major inconvenience to the people with massive traffic snarls and authorities shutting down of as many as 19 metro stations. Residents in areas such as Shaheen Bagh, Seelampur and Jaffrabad also took to the streets to protest against CAA.

The violence over CAA in the North-East areas of Delhi has so far claimed 42 lives and left over 200 people injured.

(Courtesy : Zee News)