Golden opportunity for readers, well-wishers and devout Hindus to participate in the mission to serve Dharma

Requirement of Panchakarma and physiotherapy equipment in Sanatan’s Ashrams

Sanatan’s seekers and devout Hindus are participating in the mission to serve Dharma with the objective of establishing the ‘Hindu Rashtra (Nation)’ in the world in the shortest possible time. Hundreds of seekers are striving hard to perform this satseva (Spiritual service) for Dharma as per the need of the times. Likewise, many are desirous of performing full-time spiritual practice. The following medical equipment are required to treat ailing and the elderly seekers. Seekers who are suffering from physical ailments are being treated with Panchakarma and physiotherapy.

Equipment Model Quantity required Estimated cost of each (Rs.) Total cost (Rs.)
1. IFT (Interferential Therapy) HMS 1 28,000 28,000
2. Ultrasound + TENS (Combo) HMS 1 21,000 21,000
3. Steam Box Kawachi 3 5,000 15,000
4. Electric Muscle Stimulator HMS 1 12,000 12,000
5. TENS HMS 2 (Small) 5,000 10,000
6. Induction stove Pigeon, Bajaj 2 2,500 5,000
Total 91,000

Readers, well-wishers, devout Hindus and seekers who can donate or assist financially for purchasing this equipment may please contact at the following details.

Name and contact number : Mrs. Bhagyashree Sawant – 7058885610
E-mail : [email protected]
Postal address : Mrs. Bhagyashree Sawant, Sanatan Ashram, 24/B, Ramnathi, Bandora, Ponda, Goa – 403 401.
Cheque / DD may be drawn in the name of ‘Sanatan Sanstha’.

– Mr. Virendra Marathe (Managing Trustee, Sanatan Sanstha)