Muslims attack Hindus worshipping banyan tree near eidgah

  • Incident at Madhubani (Bihar)
  • Several individuals including the Police got injured

(Eidgah is a place for Muslims to offer namaz)

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Patna – 12 people were injured when a Muslim mob attacked Hindu men and women worshiping Vat Savitri in Kauaha village of Basopatti block, District Madhubani. When the Police reached the spot, they were also attacked. Some Policemen were injured. All the injured were admitted to hospital. After this incident, the Police conducted a flag march here.

An old banyan tress stands at around 50 feet away from the eidgah here. Hindus have been worshiping the tree since ancient times, while Muslims have been protesting against it for several years. Even this time when the Hindus started worshiping, the Muslims protested and then attacked. The administration says that no one has the documents of the land on which this banyan tree is standing.

Editorial Perspective

Hindus expect that this kind of incidents should not happen when BJP coalition Government is ruling in Bihar.