Religious fanatic Muslims forcefully remove the statue of Saint Kanaka Haridas in Telangana

  • Outrage among Hindus, complaint lodged with the Police
  • Hindus allege that the Congress Government is shielding Muslims

Hyderabad (Telangana) – A statue of Saint Kanaka Haridas was installed by Hindus at Gattu Mandal in Telangana, but religious fanatical Muslims removed it. This statue was unveiled on 22nd May. Local Hindus have alleged that the Congress Government and the Police in the State are shielding the accused and not taking action against them. In this case, the Hindus filed a complaint with the Police accusing Mohammed, Mabusab, Imam, Ranju and Nawab.

1. This is the case in the village of Gorlakhandoddi, Gattu Mandal area of ​​Jogulamba Gadwal District. Devotees of the village, particularly members of the Kuruwa community, revere Saint Kanakadas as their family Deity.

2. People of the Kuruwa community had been performing worship on 22nd May at 4 a.m. Suddenly, around 7 a.m. in the middle of these festivities, neighbouring religious fanatical Muslims arrived and violently removed the statue by abusing them.

3. The land on which the statue was erected is the private land of Hindus. According to local Hindus, this statue was installed on private land. We have all the documents of this land, but some Muslim families of the village opposed the statue.

4. The Muslims say that the statue will obstruct the path as our houses are close to it, while Hindus say that there are two ways for the Muslims to pass and still, they are opposing the statue.

5. Local Hindus have alleged that the Administration is shielding Muslims.

6. There are about 20 to 25 Muslim families in this village, while there are 800 Hindu families.

7. Joint Secretary of Vishwa Hindu Parishad in Telangana Dr Shashidhar said that the act done by Muslims in Gorlakhandoddi is wrong and the Police should arrest them. Crimes against Hindus are on the rise in the State, but the Congress Government is shielding the religious fanatic Muslims.

Editorial Perspective

Congress rule is nothing but Pakistani rule. Please note that Hindus will not be at peace unless India is freed from Congress !