US city changes rules in order to prevent the construction of a Hindu temple

Washington DC (USA) – The US is at the forefront when it comes to preaching religious freedom to the whole world, including India; however, it is following the path of Pakistan in terms of minorities in its own country. Just as Pakistan does not permit the construction of a Hindu temple in Islamabad, the City Administration of Henderson, Las Vegas in the US has withdrawn the permission given to Hindus to build a temple. After the consent was given, the construction of the temple was started, but within a year the local city council changed the rules and withdrew this permission. Hindus are now trying to obtain permission again.

Construction of the temple was opposed by citing that ‘the temple will harm the rural conservation’

The Hindu temple named ‘Anand Utsav’ will be built on a 5-acre site in rural Henderson, but citing opposition from residents, the city council withdrew the permission in 2022 itself. Satish Bhatnagar, one of the founders of the American Hindu Association, said that Henderson is an important place for Hindus. Bhatnagar and Baba Anal bought the land for more than $4 lakh (over ₹3.32 crores). Since there is a Hindu temple in the Summerlin area of ​​Henderson, we wanted a temple for Hindus in other parts of the city. There are about 1 lakh members of the Hindu community. After the temple was permitted in August 2022, residents challenged the permission in October of the same year, claiming that the temple would harm rural conservation; however, 3 churches already exist in the same area.

The Temple committee made many changes after the objection

Following this, owing to the concerns of the residents, the temple committee made some changes in the height of the temple and the space of the parking lot. All aspects were brought down to a bare minimum. The city council then rejected the residents’ challenge by a vote of 4 to 1 and granted the American Hindu Association a conditional permit for one year. The temple committee also began the construction of the temple; however, a month before the approval deadline, the city council changed the rules, banning religious facilities in the area.

Baba Anal said that the engineering work is almost complete. Unnecessary hurdles are being created while documentation. The Henderson City Council rejected the American Hindu Association’s request to extend the permit.

Editorial Perspective

This again proves that the US can never be India’s friend. Indians should always remember that the US is a treacherous, selfish and opportunistic country.