Lecturing India on human rights won’t work : Ro Khanna

Ro Khanna, an American lawmaker of Indian origin, gives the US a reality check

Washington DC (USA) – Ro Khanna, a US lawmaker of Indian origin, has advised the US to introspect instead of lecturing India regarding human rights. He said, ‘Instead of lecturing India on human rights, correcting our imperfections in democracy would be more productive. This is the best way to discuss with India’. Khanna was speaking with the members of the Indian American community during the “Desi Decides” Summit of Indian American Impact.

Congressman Ro Khanna further said, ‘India was colonised for over 100 years. So, when we’re having a conversation about human rights, and you’re having a conversation with (External Affairs Minister) Jaishankar or someone else, you have to understand that just coming in from a perspective of lecturing India. When they say that we’ve had colonial powers lecture us for hundreds of years is not going to be productive. Dr Ami Bera, another Indian-origin lawmaker, agreed with Khanna’s perspective and shared that he had conveyed a similar message to the Indian foreign minister. ‘I have said the same to the (Indian) foreign minister. If India loses its secular nation, it changes who she is as a country and how the rest of the world views it’, he said. (India should tell the US that, ‘There is freedom in India too and American lawmakers should not worry about that. They should worry about the freedom of the black citizens of the US.’ – Editor)

Editorial Perspective

The US constantly preaches to India regarding the latter’s flaws in democracy. It should rather pay attention to correcting its flaws !

  • Indian-American lawmaker Jayapal’s hatred of India and affection towards Muslims
  • Just like we criticise China on Uyghur Muslims, we should call out what’s happening in India

Jayapal, an Indian-American lawmaker, said that it is the responsibility of Congress to critique both their own country’s imperfections and those of other nations. India is an important economic partner for the US; it is also important for us to think about our values. Just like we criticize the Chinese government for the treatment of Uyghurs or any other country in the world, we have to be able to also look at what’s happening in India and call attention to it. If I say all this, I will be looked upon in a bad light. However, I will criticise what is wrong, because not doing so would be against American values. (Why doesn’t Jayapal speak about what is going on against the black citizens of America ? – Editor)

Editorial Perspective

This shows that Indians in India and abroad have a hateful mentality of attacking Hindus while ignoring the fact that it is not the Muslims but the Hindus who are unsafe in India !