40% Indian doctors face racism in Britain : Survey findings

(Credits: Hindustan Times)

London (Britain) – A Study conducted found that approximately 40% Indian doctors face racism and discrimination in Britain. To add to the woes, they face false allegations and physical assaults. Patients are reluctant to take treatment from Indian doctors and doubt their qualifications and capability. Currently 35,000 Indian doctors and nurses are working in Britain, which is the highest number of foreign doctors. British Medical Association says 70% doctors who have faced racism, did not lodge any complaint.

The result of a survey carried out on more than 2,000 Indian doctors, who are trained abroad; found that the incidents of racism are occurring every day. Most of the doctors are victims of racism. They do not make a complaint because they know that their complaints will not be taken seriously.

A senior official at the High Commission said, “It is a recent finding that most of the Indian doctors are facing racism, we take it seriously and we are preparing ground to present the case to the highest authorities in NHS.

Among the 1,23,000 doctors and nurses working in NHS, 40% are Indians.

Editorial Perspective

Indian Government is expected to ask Britain and British Prime Minister of Indian origin to take steps to stop such incidents.