Till now, not a single BJP leader has been killed in a terrorist attack : Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah

  • Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s infuriating remark
  • Siddaramaiah gives the example of Indira Gandhi and Rajeev Gandhi martyred in Terrorist attacks

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – “Prime Minister Narendra Modi only speaks about terrorism, but no one from the BJP had paid a price with one’s life to terrorism. BJP consistently says that Congress has been supporting terrorism. The Congress always fought terrorism and its tallest leaders Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi paid with their lives to the acts of terror. The CM was speaking at the death anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi, the former Prime Minister who was assassinated by suicide bombers while campaigning for elections at Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu on 21st May 1991. (Sonia Gandhi sobbed on hearing about the killing of the jihadi terrorist during the Batla House attack, from this, it can be understood whose sympathies are with whom. – Editor)

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Why does Congress not say that Indira Gandhi initially nursed the Khalistani movement, then when it went out of hand, she tried to route it out, and because of this, she was killed. Similarly, Indira Gandhi gave aid to the LTTE organisation. Rajeev Gandhi began fighting against it and so he was murdered by the LTTE. 
  • Siddaramaiah should explain to the people why Congress has not neutralised the terrorists till now instead of debating whose leaders have fallen prey to terrorists and whose have not.

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