After 10 years, India will be a world power : Yogrushi Baba Ramdev

Baba Ramdev (File Photo)

New Delhi – “In the next 10 years, India will be the biggest economic, spiritual, cultural and strategic superpower of the entire world”, said Yogrushi Baba Ramdev. Under the leadership of Yogrushi Baba Ramdev and in association with Patanjali University, Bharat Swabhiman (women’s wing) and partner organisations of W20, G20, a grand women’s conference was organised at the Indira Gandhi Stadium here. About 5,500 women from various states participated in this. At that time, Yogrushi Baba Ramdev addressed the participants.

(Credit : Zee News)

He further said, “Yoga will spread not only in the nation, but in the whole world and along with Yoga Dharma the reputation of Sanatan Dharma will increase in the whole world. I appeal to mothers and sisters that in adverse situations, calamities or dire straits, do not waver from your Dharma, keep patience, learn yoga, all obstacles will be removed.”

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