In Pakistan, graves of dead girls are locked with iron bars to prevent rape

The fear of necrophilia (raping corpses)

Islamabad (Pakistan) – There have been several incidents of rape on dead young women and girls by removing their bodies from their graves. Thus, the graves of dead young women and girls are now fenced off with iron bars, and relatives of the deceased stand guard in some places. Furthermore, large quantities of salt are being added to the corpses to speed up the decomposition process.

1. Some cities, including Karachi, have reported incidents of rape of dead bodies. A 14-year-old girl’s body was exhumed from a grave and raped in a village in Sindh Province.

2. A case came to light in the year 2011 in Pakistan. In it, a security guard at a graveyard in North Nazimabad (Karachi), Muhammad Rizwan, admitted to raping the bodies of 48 dead women. He was later arrested.

3. According to the report of “Daily Times” in Pakistan, such incidents have increased. So, the parents of the deceased are protecting the grave.

4. Maulana Rashid of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Pakistan said that while alive, women continue to defend themselves against people with bad intentions; but now this thing has reached to their grave. It is appalling and a disgrace to the country. Criminals should be severely punished.

Editorial viewpoints

In Pakistan, there are people with demon mentalities who are a disgrace to mankind. The downfall of such a country is inevitable.

Do international Human Rights Organisations not see this inhumanity in Pakistan ? These organisations are upfront about publishing reports about incidents in India. Will they now publish reports about such incidents in Pakistan ?


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