Same-sex marriage is an urban elitist concept

The Union Government opposes same-sex marriages in the Supreme Court !

New Delhi – Allowing same-sex marriages is like creating a new social institution. Legal validation of same-sex marital unions will cause ‘complete havoc’ with the delicate balance of personal laws in the country and in the accepted societal values. Same-sex marriage is an urban elitist concept, argued the Union Government in the Supreme Court. Few petitions have been filed in the Supreme Court to legally allow same-sex marriages in the country. A Bench of 5 judges, headed by the CJI, will commence hearing of these petitions on 18th April.

The Union Government argued,

1. The decision to legalise same-sex marriages should take into account the broader views and voices of all rural, semi-rural, and urban populations, besides the views of religious denominations, keeping in mind the personal laws and the customs governing marriage.

2. This issue should be left to the wisdom of the elected representatives of the citizens. This is the democratic way. Where one can understand a  legitimate change in society and understand the repercussions of the change.

3. The question concerning the legal recognition of same-sex marriage and its parity with the existing concept of marriage, as an exclusively heterogenous institution, which is governed by the existing legal regime and has a sanctity attached to it in every religion in the country, seriously affects the interests of every citizen. A decision by the Court in recognising the right of same-sex marriage would mean a virtual judicial rewriting of an entire branch of law. This is not the work of the Courts.

Editorial viewpoint

The Union Government’s opposition same-sex marriages is commendable. It should stay firm on this decision !

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