My ancestors made a grave mistake of coming to Pakistan from India

Pakistani Journalist Arzoo Kazmi’s forthright opinion

Pakistani Journalist Arzoo Kazmi

Islamabad (Pakistan) – A tweet by famous Pakistani Journalist Arzoo Kazmi has gone viral on social media. In that she said, “In the year 1947 during the Partition, my ancestors migrated from Delhi and Prayagraj in India to Pakistan a for a better future but now my brothers and other family members feel that they have no future in Pakistan. Our grandfather spoiled our future.”

The economic situation in Pakistan has worsened over the last few months and the prices of essential commodities have skyrocketed. In that context, Arzoo Kazmi tweeted. Kazmi participates in many discussion sessions on Indian news channels.

(Credit : Aaj Tak)

Many Pakistanis support Arzoo Kazmi !

This tweet of Kazmi is getting a positive response from Pakistani citizens and many people have shown their support to her. A person named Afsan said, “My grandparents came to Pakistan from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. They regretted the decision till their last breath.” Sameer Ahmed, another Pakistani, said, “I can understand your feelings very well. My grandfather did the same. Eventually our situation worsened.” Many Indians invited Arzoo Kazmi to come to India. (India is not a ‘Dharamshala’ to invite such people here ! – Editor)

Editorial Viewpoint

What do the Pakistan lover Muslims living in India have to say about this ? If the Pakistan lovers in India go to Pakistan to help their religious brothers, the problems in Pakistan will be solved and more so the problems of India will also be solved !