We drink cow’s milk whereas Indians drink cow’s urine ! : Pakistani citizen blabbers

Pakistani citizens’ hatred for the Hindus !

Islamabad (Pakistan) – The economy of Pakistan is in critical condition. In this situation, few Pakistani citizens have developed a love for India, while few others have developed extreme hatred. A Pakistani YouTuber has created a video that demonstrates this. The video has been posted on the Twitter account of Pakistan Untold. The video shows a Pakistani citizen making statements such as, ‘We drink cow’s milk while they drink cow’s urine. Will you compare us with them ? We worship Allah while they worship stones.

1. The video creator asks a Pakistani citizen, ‘Have you ever visited India ?’ The citizen replies, ‘Have you visited ? I have visited an Indian city. Their citizens sleep on the footpaths on an empty stomach. Can you show me, anyone, in such a bad condition here ? India and Pakistan are two very different countries’.

2. The video creator says, ‘We cannot call India a bad State’. The citizen replies, ‘There are 200 Cr Muslims across the world. No matter what Indians do; but Muslims and their honest behaviour, these two things can never be destroyed. They have never been destroyed in the past’.

Pakistani expert praises India !

Uzair Younus, a Pakistani expert on Foreign Affairs, recently visited India. He said it is difficult to compete with India. When I landed in India, I felt I had entered the future. Pakistani politicians have spread lies to spread hatred against India.

Editorial viewpoint

One must be qualified enough to be able to understand the greatness of great things ! If these people understood the benefits of cow’s urine, they wouldn’t have made such a statement ! If the cow slaughterers understand the benefits of the cow, they too will start worshiping it; but their demonic tendencies make it impossible to happen !