A Hindu doctor murdered by his driver Hanif in Pakistan

Hindus are not safe in Pakistan !

Hindu doctor Dharam Dev Raathi

Hyderabad (Pakistan) –  A Hindu doctor Dharam Dev Raathi was brutally murdered by his driver Hanif Leghari inside the doctor’s residence in Hyderabad. The doctor’s cook Dilip Thakur was present and injured too at the time of the murder. He informed the Police about the murder. He said that while driving back home Dr Raathi and the driver Hanif had an argument. Hanif murdered Raathi after they came home. Dr Raathi’s family lives in the US.

1. ‘Young Consultants Association Sindh’ expressed their condolences. They said this incident should be thoroughly investigated and the harshest punishment given to the accused.

(Credit : TIMES NOW Navbharat )

2. Pakistan Minister for Minority Affairs Giyan Chand Essarani has said that an order has been given to arrest the accused as soon as possible.

3. Pakistani MP Kheal Das Kohistani condemned the murder.