Tribal girls sexually harassed at a Christian missionary school in Madhya Pradesh !

(Right side) The principal of the school – Nansingh Yadav

Dindori (Madhya Pradesh) – Some tribal girls who are students of a Christian missionary school have filed a complaint of sexual harassment against the principal of their school Nansingh Yadav and some other teachers. The victims have complained that they would be called alone into rooms where they would be sexually abused. The Police have registered a case and have arrested the principal. 3 teachers who were also named as the co-accused in this case are now absconding. This school is run by the ‘Jabalpur Diocesan Education Society’ of the Roman Catholic community in the Junwani village of Dindori. 8 aggrieved students from this school have lodged a complaint against their principal at the Dindori Mahila Police station.

When the victims complained about their sexual harassment to a teacher called Sister Savita, she beat them severely with a bamboo stick. (Despite being a woman herself the audacity of Sister Savita to beat up the girls rather than comforting them ! – Editor) When Father Shani was informed about the sexual harassment of the female students he casually ignored it. (Action should also be taken against such priests ! – Editor)

Editorial viewpoint

There have been many cases of Nuns and children being raped in Christian churches around the world. But now this is happening in schools as well, this is beyond outrageous ! Parents should reconsider whether they want to send their children to Christian schools at all !