Pakistani Muslim Cricket player giving Holi wishes faces criticism from Muslims !

Giving Holi wishes is ‘haram’ is Islam !

(Left side) Pakistani cricketer Shahnawaz Dahani

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Shahnawaz Dahani wished a happy Holi to Hindus but he didn’t know that the Islamist Twitter mob will come after him. Dahani, a right-arm fast bowler from Pakistan, tweeted, “To all the lovely people around the world, who believe in love, peace, happiness, Colours & celebrations. I wish you Happy Holi ! #HappyHoli. Immediately after extending his wishes for Holi to the Hindus, he started receiving comments that called the act of wishing Holi, a festival of the Kafirs, Haram and asked him to delete the tweet. A Twitter user said that Holi was Haram, and extending wishes for something which was ‘Haram’ was a ‘Gunah’.

Editorial viewpoint

Why don’t the secularists, progressives, Muslims, their leaders or organisations speak against this incident ? Or do they feel the same ?

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