India to increase import of medical equipment from Japan instead of China

New Delhi – India has decided to kill two birds with one stone through medical diplomacy. Chinese companies will lose billions of dollars of medical equipment. On the other hand, companies from Japan, India’s trusted partner, will get a chance to make a big inroads into the Indian market. The Central Government believes that Chinese equipment is affordable but stands nowhere near the highest quality of Japanese equipment.

Imports of Chinese medical equipment in India increased by 57% after Corona. According to the Medical Technology Association of India, imports from China in the core category of medical equipment rose from $327 million (Rs 2,681 crore) to $515 million (Rs 4,223 crore) in 2020-21. India aims to import medical equipment worth $130 million (Rs 1,066 crore) from China and $900 million (Rs 7,380 crore) from Japan over the next 5 years.

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