Findings of scientist Christopher Boyce on visiting 25 countries !

People from small countries are happy since they don’t give unnecessary importance to money !   

Christopher Boyce, a scientist 

Edinburgh (Scotland) – Christopher Boyce, a scientist, and researcher on human behaviour cycled through 25 countries covering about 20,000 km to find what gives permanent happiness to humans. He left his job for this mission. He mostly stayed in Bhutan, which is a neighbouring country of India. He realised that money is not everything in life, for getting happiness is taught in small countries.

Boyce’s journey started in Scotland. He met hundreds of people during his journey, and stayed with them. He realised that the cause of happiness is hidden in the lifestyles adopted in different countries; therefore, he started studying these lifestyles.

1. On reaching Costa Rica, a country in Central America, Boyce learnt that the country didn’t have its own army. The average age of people in that country is 79 years. Most of the expenditure is on education and health, since there is no army. In Costa Rica many people end a conversation with the words “pura vida” which encapsulates a pride in the simple life – we don’t have much but we’re happy.

2. Regarding Peru, a South American country, Boyce said that I observed tight-knit communities, united families, and a sense of togetherness. Things I don’t see as much as I would like in my own land where we seem to celebrate independence and freedom.

3. While travelling in a developed country like Canada on his cycle, Boyce realised that the ‘Canadian Index of wellbeing’ system has been started there since the year 2000 under which, the yardsticks of development have been fixed based on social life, faith in democracy, education, environment, health, etc.

Bhutan taught the world the yardstick of people’s happiness as the measure of development ! – Boyce

The last country visited by scientist Boyce was Bhutan. The measure of development in this country has not been set on its GDP (Gross Domestic Product) but on GNM (Gross National Happiness) i.e., happiness has been given special importance. Boyce says Bhutan has taught the world to keep people’s happiness as the measure of development. The people of this country believe in protecting their culture, living with groups, and protecting the environment; therefore, they are happy and lead contented life.

I felt the most fulfilled in India

1. The other day I was asked to name the 3 countries that I most enjoyed cycling through on my way to Bhutan.

2. I can name 2 without any hesitation at all: India and Mexico. Both have a particularly special place in my heart – and it was mostly because of the people I met there.

3. As it turned out according to my happiness scores India was indeed where I felt the most fulfilled. It was where my days were the most satisfying and worthwhile and where I felt the most moment to moment happiness.

Editorial viewpoint

Hindu Dharma has been guiding the world on an eternal path of happiness, but Hindus in India value only materialistic success due to their wrong behaviour, and they are unhappy. Please note that the only solution to this problem is Hindus should study their Dharma and perform spiritual practice !