On the occassion of ‘World Agnihotra Day’ : 12th March

Science underlying Agnihotra

Importance of Yajna : To eliminate the poisonous gases that spread as a consequence of nuclear explosions, it is necessary to burn fragrant matter and plants and spread their smoke. Also, if the Indian method of performing Yajna is adopted, it will not only eliminate all types of pollutions, but also curb radioactivity. We should take into consideration the decision arrived at through the conclusions based on the research on this subject by western scientists.

A. Dr Tylot : The smoke generated upon offering grapes and dry fruits in the Yajna fire, destroys the harmful insects in the atmosphere.

B. French scientist Prof. Tilword : The smoke generated upon offering sugar purifies the polluted environment to an extent that is beyond our experience and imagination. The germs of various diseases such as TB, smallpox, measles, chickenpox are destroyed by this smoke.

C. Dr Haffkine : The smoke emitting from a mixture of sugar and ghee offered to the Yajna fire destroys harmful germs.

D. Dr Samuel Hahnemann (Founder of Homeopathy) : By burning medicinal herbs, the fragrance spreads around us and enters our lungs through the breath. A chemical process takes place on it and a new Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) is created in the body. One example of this is that the fragrance of flowers and of other things makes us feel cheerful.

Sachchidananda Parabrahman (Dr) Athavale

Dreadfulness of World War 3 and the essential remedies If we wish to save ourselves and the people around us during World War 3, practise Agnihotra and perform spiritual practice ! – Sachchidananda Parabrahman (Dr) Athavale (30.9.2007)

1. Remedies advised by Sachchidananda Parabrahman (Dr) Athavale to save the lives of common individuals as well as seekers

A. A nuclear blast is a catastrophe : In the present destructive phase of World War 3, most people do not possess Shakti (Divine Energy) of Gods in the form of Tej (Absolute Fire Principle). Therefore, evildoers make explosives that emit energy in the form of Tej with immense destructive ability and plan to use them. This Raja-Tama predominant energy in the form of Tej radiating from explosives also destroys the remaining sattvikata (Spiritual purity) in the atmosphere. Hence, a nuclear blast is called a catastrophe.

B. Remedies required for protection against toxic pollution caused by a nuclear war : Toxic pollution caused by a nuclear war generates a Raja-Tama predominant cyclonic process in the atmosphere in alarming proportions. Hence, mankind has to take preventive measures from now itself; else, this toxic pollution will lead to the loss of many human lives.

Question : As a result of Shriram’s rule for 14,000 years and two Rajasuya Yajnas performed by Yudhishthir, the effect of radiation was eliminated. What can we do in today’s Kaliyug ?

A Scholar : Even though the above statement predicts an extremely destructive spell in the future, it also enumerates the remedies required for the well-being of mankind. Therefore, it is particularly crucial for mankind to make efforts and comply with these measures.
If and only if these measures are for generating Tejtattva (Absolute Fire Principle), humans will be able to face the dreadfully destructive Raja-Tama predominant Tej radiating from the bomb-blasts and will be able to protect the chetana (The element of Divine consciousness that governs the functioning of the mind and body) in their body. These remedies are – practising Agnihotra and performing spiritual practice. – A Scholar

2. Agnihotra

2A. Importance of Agni (Fire)

1. Agni is the materialised form of all Deities.

– A Scholar

2. The Vedas have termed Agni as ‘Divya (Divine) Hota’. Hota means a Rutvij that invokes Shakti. When fire is kindled at the site of Agnihotra during sunrise and sunset and we deeply contemplate and invoke God with oblations in our hand, Agni carries Shakti to the site and keeps it present at that time. There is a Sanskrut proverb – स देवाँ एह वक्ष्यति – which means – ‘While performing Agnihotra at these auspicious times, our Deity of worship remains manifest in front of us in the house or at the site of worship. Therefore, an environment of great purity and sanctity is created at the site during Agnihotra’.

3. The Vedas have addressed Agni as the ‘mouth of Shakti’ or ‘Havya-vahan’, the carrier of oblations. You may worship God in any form. You may be a devotee of Deity Shiva or Shri Vishnu. You may worship Shri Ganesh, Sun Deity, Goddess Matru-Shakti, Shriram or Deity Hanuman; however, if you wish to offer oblations to any or all of these Deities, it has to be offered only through Agni – who is the ‘Mouth of Deities’. Just as any edible item can be eaten only through the mouth, similarly, havirbhag (Share of oblation) to be offered to any Deity must be offered only to Agni.’ – Dr Shrikant Shri Gajananmaharaj Rajimwale, Shivapuri, Akkalkot, Maharashtra.

4. Usefulness of the effects of spiritual practice performed with Agni as witness

A. Any karma performed with Agni as witness bestows the jiva with complete Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) from the karma without any obstacle.

B. With Agni as witness when a jiva begins to worship the Divine Principle in it, that karma gets transformed into spiritual practice in the true sense.

– A Scholar

2B. Definition

1. ‘Agnihotra is a vrat (Vowed religious observance) type of religious performance carried out on the strength of Tej to attract God’s manifest-form sagun Chaitanya and Principle-form nirgun Chaitanya.’

– A Scholar

2. ‘Agnihotra is a worship of God performed by offering oblations in the Agni.’ – Dr Shrikant Shri Gajananmaharaj Rajimwale

2C. Promoter of Agnihotra : ‘Satyadharma-praneta Param Sadguru Shri Gajananmaharaj (of Shivapuri, Akkalkot, Maharashtra) has given new life to the ancient worship of fire as narrated in the Vedas in the form of Agnihotra. Any individual can very easily practise it in today’s modern life.

2D. Important aspects in the teachings of Param Sadguru Shri Gajananmaharaj

1. Agnihotra is the simplest and easiest way to repay the debt unto God and nature.

2. Agnihotra is a kriya (Physical act) which is a superior karma. All the karmas other than those related to Agnihotra create some bondage; however, the karma performed for the sake of Yajna is an exception to this bondage. In fact, it becomes a means to attain Liberation.

3. Offering oblation during Agnihotra means expressing gratitude unto God. What can we poor souls offer to that Almighty God who has created everything in this Universe ? We offer Him the very things He has created. Whatever exists and is visible belongs only to that Almighty God.

Offer everything you possess to God and others. Obtain Anand (Bliss) and satisfaction through donation and sacrifice, and experience the joy.

4. While offering oblations in the Agnihotra, we say ‘इदं न मम’, which means ‘this is not mine’. ‘O’ Controller of this Universe ! Only Your rule prevails over every movable-immovable object in this entire Universe. I merge my life in Your universal ichha-shakti (Energy of will). I offer myself as oblation in Your will’.

Such a sharanagat-bhav develops by performing Agnihotra, and this is the mystery underlying this worship.

Bhagawan Patanjali has said, ‘Whatever Sages can achieve by performing penance, study of Scriptures, etc., a common individual can achieve it just through sharanagat-bhav unto God’.

5. ‘Those who do not offer oblations in Agnihotra and instead, consume things themselves are selfish’ – such are the words in Shrimadbhagwadgeeta to stress the importance of performing Agnihotra regularly.

2E. The Pancha-sadhanamarga, which is the essence of the Vedas, consists of five Paths – Yajna, dan (Donation), tapa (Penance), karma and swadhyaya (Self-study). Yajna is the first Principle among these. Yajna effectively means making Agni the medium to sacrifice wealth, in any form, at the Holy feet of God.

1. Origin : The word Yajna is derived from the root of the verb ‘यज्’ (Yaj) in the Sanskrut language.

2. Fundamental concept : ‘The fundamental concept underlying a Yajna is to worship God and sacrifice or donate with the objective of developing a sense of selflessness or detachment.

3. Agnihotra is the foremost form of Yajna, which is perfect in every respect, easy and simple to perform.

4. Yajna is advised for the welfare of the Universe; Sages have regularly performed Agnihotra : During the Creation of the Universe, God described Yajna for the welfare of all beings.

The ‘Purushasukta’, a hymn from the Vedas, states that, ‘The Universe has also been created from Yajna’. Yajna itself was the fundamental duty. Our earlier generations and the Sages, who are our ancestors have regularly performed Agnihotra.

– Dr Shrikant Shri Gajananmaharaj Rajimwale

2F. Importance

1. Agni generated from Agnihotra disintegrates Raja-Tama particles and lingers for a long time in the atmosphere. Therefore, practising this process regularly creates a protective sheath around an individual upto a radius of 10 feet. This sheath is very sensitive to the contact of anything that is related to Tej. Subtly, this sheath looks reddish.

2. When Tej associated with virtuous objects comes in contact with this sheath, the reddish Tej particles of the sheath absorb this Tej generated by Agnihotra and further strengthen the sheath.

3. Since the Raja-Tama predominant Tej particles strike a very harsh note, this protective sheath senses their approach much in advance. Then this sheath, as a reflex action, emits multiple Tej waves from within with speed and destroys the harsh sound as also the Tej particles that produce these sound waves. As a result, the Tej in these destructive waves becomes powerless to strike. Since the striking destructive energy rings emitting from an atom bomb are already destroyed by the sheath, the bomb becomes incapable of spreading radiation.

3. Yajna is the most beneficial remedy to prevent pollution caused by nuclear explosions

A. The toxic chemicals emitted in nuclear explosions have a devastating effect on humans and animals : Scientists themselves are admitting that the use of nuclear bombs and constant nuclear tests have a devastating effect. Not only the smoke and extremely poisonous chemicals such as strontium (that spread after the explosion) cause pollution, but these enter the bodies of humans and animals through vegetables, food-grains, milk, fruits, etc. Hence, always wash the vegetables and fruits before eating. New mothers should breastfeed their infants.

B. Agnihotra is the remedy to save seekers as well as common people : Sachchidananda Parabrahman (Dr) Athavale has advised seekers and people in society that even in the absence of regular spiritual practice, the remedy of Agnihotra can bestow on them the fruits of having performed samashti sadhana (Spiritual practice for the spread of Spirituality) while remaining at home. This means that they will obtain the same merit by saving the lives of many people.

C. Benefits : There are many types of people in this world who perform Agnihotra; they are from different races, speak different languages, are associated with various religions and spiritual groups. They have experienced benefits, some of which are listed ahead.

1. Creation of an environment that bestows Chaitanya and is replete with medicinal qualities

2. Growth of more nutritious and delicious crops

3. Agnihotra nourishes mankind and all life forms in the same way as it nourishes plants

4. Environment created as a result of Agnihotra has a positive effect on the children

A. Exceptional influence on children – it imprints good sanskars (Subconscious impressions) on them.

B. Stubborn and bad-tempered children become sensible and calm.

C. Children are able to concentrate on their studies very easily.

D. Mentally retarded children respond well to their on-going treatment.

5. Healing of psychological disorders and gaining mental strength due to development of strong willpower upon performing Agnihotra : It was experienced that by regularly performing Agnihotra, attributes such as more contentment, positive outlook towards life, mental peace, self-confidence and increased productivity were imbibed and developed unmistakably among men and women of different social strata and age groups of society. It has been observed that due to the environment created by Agnihotra, people addicted to alcohol and other harmful drugs are able to de-addict themselves due to the development of strong willpower in themselves.

– Dr Shrikant Shri Gajananmaharaj Rajimwale

6. Effects on the nervous system : The smoke emitting from the fire has a powerful effect on the brain and the nervous system.

7. The pollution in the air is eliminated and becomes conducive to keeping the air and mind pure : Physically, Agnihotra purifies air. It has been proven scientifically that the components used in Agnihotra reduce the polluted constituents of air. Many countries have studied this aspect and have been using Agnihotra as a remedy on pollution. This exemplifies the importance of Vedic traditions.

Pure air helps keep the mind pure. When the mind is pure, it automatically influences our thoughts and conduct & the individual becomes blissful. (Ref. : Daily ‘Sanatan Prabhat’)

8. Anti-bacterial effect : Some researchers have found that the medicinal environment created by Agnihotra prevents the growth of bacteria.
– Dr Shrikant Shri Gajananmaharaj Rajimwale

9. Creation of a protective sheath : We experience that a protective sheath gets created around us.

10. Agnihotra purifies the Prana-shakti (Vital energy), the individual’s mind quickly becomes cheerful and blissful and meditation is easily possible in such an environment : ‘The Prana (One of the five sub-vital energies) and mind are closely connected, as if two sides of the same coin. Due to the environment created by Agnihotra, the mind of the individual quickly experiences the positive effect of purification of Prana-shakti. Thus, his mental stress reduces effortlessly and his mind becomes cheerful and blissful. In such an environment it becomes very easy to meditate, worship, contemplate and study.

– Dr Shrikant Shri Gajananmaharaj Rajimwale

D. Nature and process of Agnihotra : The Sun emits and absorbs energy; hence, the condition essential and conducive for the elimination of pollution is automatically created. The Earth attains a state of peace.

Agnihotra is akin to a generator of electrical power, the flames of fire are akin to a boiler that generates steam which drives the generator. When cow-dung cakes, cow’s ghee and unbroken rice grains come together through the medium of Agni, they create an unprecedented energy that strikes the surrounding objects, envelops them and destroys the harmful forces within them, thus making the environment conducive for the elimination of pollution. Later, the nourishing energy is provided which helps in survival, development and growth of organic elements in the environment. In this manner, Agnihotra directly repairs the damage caused to the atmosphere.

(Ref.: Sanatan’s Text – ‘Agnihotra)

Any karma performed with Agni as witness bestows complete Chaitanya from the karma without any obstacle !