Perpetrators of Mumbai terror attack roaming freely in your country

Javed Akhtar slams Pakistan in Lahore !

Indian writer, and lyricist Javed Akhtar

Lahore (Pakistan) – ‘We are people from Mumbai. We saw how our city was attacked. The attackers did not come from Norway or Egypt. Those attackers are still roaming freely in your country. If an Indian citizen complains about it, you should not feel bad, said Indian writer, and lyricist Javed Akhtar here in Pakistan. Javed Akhtar was speaking at the Faiz Festival that he attended in Lahore. His statement was welcomed by applause from the audience. Javed Akhtar is also being praised in India. A video of these statements is circulating on social media.

(Credit : News18 India)

Pakistan never organized a function for Lata Mangeshkar

Javed Akhtar added, ‘We hosted big functions of Pakistani singers Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Mehndi Hasan; but in your country, not a single programme of Lata Mangeshkar was held.’ This statement brought cheers and claps from the gathering.

Editorial viewpoint

  • Congratulations to Javed Akhtar on slamming Pakistan in their own country !
  • This is unlikely to have any impact on the stubborn Pakistan. However, if a so-called secular Muslim from India goes to Pakistan and hits out at it, then it is commendable !

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