Pakistan repackaged relief aid received from Turkiye during floods with its own name and sent to Turkiye

Embarrassing act of Pakistan in the name of helping earthquake victims

Islamabad (Pakistan) – In a major embarrassment to Pakistan, the country sent relief material to Turkiye which it had received from Turkiye itself when it was struggling with massive floods in June 2022. Turkiye provided aid to Pakistan following the floods and now it has been revealed that Pakistan repackaged those supplies and returned them back to the earthquake-struck country.

Pakistan sent 21 containers to Turkiye. When the boxes container was opened, it was discovered that these materials had been sent by Turkiye to Pakistan during the floods. Senior Pakistan journalist Shahir Manzoor said on a news channel that although Pakistan had written its name on the material sent by Pakistan, ‘Love aid from Turkey’ was also printed on it.

Editorial viewpoint

One who has nothing to give to the citizens of his own country should never make such an embarrassing attempt to help others. Once again it shows what is the mentality of Pakistan’s people.