Shafi Bellare, the accused in Hindu activist Praveen Nettaru’s murder, has been given ticket by the jihadi SDPI

Will contest the election from prison !

(Left side) Hindu activist Praveen Nettaru and Shafi Bellare

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – Shafi Bellare, an accused arrested in the murder case of Hindu activist Praveen Nettaru, has been announced as candidate to contest from Puttur assembly constituency in the upcoming assembly elections by the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), a political party of banned jihadi organisation Popular Front of India (PFI). After this announcement, SDPI is being criticised.

1. SDPI leader Riyaz Farangipete has supported the candidature of Shafi. He said, Shafi will contest the election within the framework of law. We are trying to get bail considering the elections. Every activist will campaign to get Shafi elected.

2. State Minister for Kannada and Culture and Energy, Sunil Kumar gave a strong reaction. He said, ‘The declaration of a candidate who is accused of murdering a Hindu activist has spread fear. The misdeed of taking someone responsible for social unrest to the assembly which is temple of democracy shows the terrible face of SDPI. There should be discussions, debates in society. However, a chaotic, fearful environment should not get created. Offering candidature to a murder accused is like creating pressure mechanism. Noble and good people of society should also get an opportunity. The malicious tendencies in society should be opposed, otherwise terrorists will contest the elections under the leadership of SDPI’.

Editorial viewpoint

This shows how the political party of Jihadi organisation is trying to misuse the rights given by the Constitution. Now this party also needs to be banned !