Govt has failed to curb terrorism in J-K : Panun Kashmir

They allege that saying that terrorism is now on its last leg in Kashmir, is a variance of the truth !


Jammu – We are witness to how the Governments have for the past forty years dealt with Jihadi separatists in Kashmir. “We state it unambiguously that the Government of India has failed to defeat terrorism because it has relentlessly pursued a conscious policy of ignoring the jihadi nature of the war and killings of Hindus unleashed in Jammu and Kashmir,” Panun Kashmir chairman Ajay Chrungoo told reporters here. He referred to the killing of seven people in twin terror attacks in Dhangri village in Rajouri on 1st and 2nd January. “We are all witness to a vicious policy of trivialisation of terror threat in Jammu and Kashmir,” he alleged.

Panun Kashmir Chairman Ajay Chrungoo (Centre)

Panun Kashmir says in the pamphlet published at this time that,

1. ‘Terrorism in Kashmir is on its last leg’, ‘Jammu is almost free of terrorist activity’, and ‘Hindu murders are acts to malign Muslims’ saying this, is a variance of the truth of the actual terrible situation in Jammu and Kashmir. The policy of trivialising the threat of terrorism is a cruel policy followed in J&K. If this is not stopped the future will be dangerous.

2. Separating terrorism from the religious angle, and reducing the communal colour of terrorism or refuting it, is a wrong process of viewing terrorism as secular.

3. The Government in its enthusiasm to portray terrorism as secular reduced its seriousness. This promoted an increase in terrorism in Kashmir. Because of this though terrorists are being neutralised daily the number of terrorists as per the Government’s records remains the same ! How can this happen ?

4. The security report under the Union Home Minister was more of completing a  formality, instead of solving the deficiencies of the evaluation and response to the security measures.

5. Hindus, Sikhs, etc. (the minorities) are the majority victims of terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. Relocating Hindus to Kashmir is like sending them to their death. To avoid this danger, it is necessary to transfer the Hindu employees to Jammu.

6. As assembly and parliamentary elections draw close, the vulnerability of soft targets in Jammu and Kashmir will increase immensely.

Editorial viewpoint

Indian Hindus feel that the Government should seriously consider the view of the Kashmiri Hindu Organisation !