Four Muslim women arrested in Azamgarh (Uttar Pradesh) for carrying cannabis under ‘burqa’ for supplying to jail inmates

Azamgarh (Uttar Pradesh) – Police arrested 4 Muslim women who were supplying cannabis under the cover of burqa. Their names are Shabnam, Madina, Shahnaz, and Shabana. The women in ‘burqas’ used to meet the prisoners and supply them cannabis at a high price. 4 kg of cannabis has been seized from them.

In the Police investigations, the accused women said that on the pretext of meeting the detainees, they used to supply cannabis to the detainees as per their demands. Recently, when they reached the jail to supply cannabis, the Police interrogated them and found that they had hidden cannabis under their burqa. 4 kg of cannabis was confiscated from the four women. The Uttar Pradesh Police has registered a case against the accused under various sections of the Indian Penal Code. The police are investigating further in this matter.

Editorial viewpoint

This incident shows that not only Muslim men but also their women are involved in crimes !

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