British Prime Minister snubs Muslim MP of Pakistani origin for blaming Modi for Gujarat riots !

‘BBC News’ broadcasts series that spread hatred for PM Modi !

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

London (UK) – News channel BBC has recently made a 2-episode series in which it has portrayed Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi as a Muslim hater. The Government of India has criticised this series and called it a part of propaganda. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak snubbed a British MP of Pakistani origin after the latter raised this issue in the British Parliament. The video of the incident is currently going viral on social media.

(Credit : ANI News)

1. Imran Hussain, an MP of Pakistani origin, claimed that ‘Prime Minister Modi was involved in the 2002 riots when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat’ and demanded that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak should take a stand on this.

2. MP Hussain said that according to the British Foreign Office, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was directly responsible for the violence caused by the Gujarat riots in 2002. Many families around the world, including India, are still suffering psychologically due to the riots. Many still have not received justice. Hussain asked whether the Prime Minister (Rishi Sunak) agree with this position of the British Foreign Office.

3. Responding to Hussain’s question, Rishi Sunak said that the British Government’s position in this regard remains the same. It has not changed at all. That is we do not support any form of violence anywhere, but I disagree with Imran Hussain’s opinion.

Editorial Viewpoints

  • Please note that the Muslim MP of Pakistani origin conveniently neglects genocide of Hindus by Jihadi terrorists in Kashmir !
  • It is noteworthy that representatives of Pakistani origin try to serve the interests of Pakistan by targeting India and Prime Minister Modi wherever they go in the world !

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