In Gujarat : 8-year-old daughter of a Surat-based Jain diamond merchant embraces monkhood !

Devanshi Sanghvi

Surat (Gujarat) – Surat’s diamond merchant’s 8-year-old daughter has been initiated as a Jain monk. Her name is Devanshi. She has given up all the comfort of her luxurious life, renounced everything to take a spiritual path, and lead the rest of her life as a Jain monk.  Upon reaching adulthood, Devanshi would have inherited a multi-crore diamond business. She is the elder daughter of Surat-based diamond merchant Dhanesh and Ami Sanghvi. It is notable that Dhanesh Sanghvi is the owner of Sanghvi and Sons, one of the world’s oldest diamond companies engaged in the business of cutting and exporting diamonds for the past 30 years. Their family has always been a religious family. 8-year-old Devanshi is proficient in many languages including English and Hindi, she also is good at music, dance, and yoga.  She had leanings towards spirituality since childhood. She took ‘diksha’ in the presence of Jain monk Acharya Vijay Kirtiyashsuri, a family associate said.

What does ‘Diksha’ mean in Jainism !

In Jainism taking ‘Diksha’ means renouncing all material comforts. They have to live the life of an ascetic. In Jainism, it is called ‘Charitra’ or ‘Mahnibhishraman’. They have to follow a life following the principles of Ahimsa, truthfulness, celibacy, not having any desires and avarice. They have to live by begging for alms. They have to wear cotton clothes. Travel on foot not use any vehicles. The process of initiation is completed only when they pull out with their own hands all the hair on their head.

Why do the boys-girls take ‘diksha’

1. In the past few years, a large number of young children and youth have become initiated as Jain monks. Material goods do not give them happiness, so these young boys and girls surrender to the worship of God and live simple life.

2. They feel that the harsh lifestyle of the Jain monks, is the way life should be led.

3. The dharmik bond that their parents have with the religious tenets takes them to ‘diksha’.

(Credit : News18 India)

Editorial viewpoint

The prime reason Jain children are embracing monkhood at a young age is that they are given Dharma education by their parents ! But Hindu parents do not teach their children sadhana and Dharma. And so deprive them of true Bliss !