Foreign Company ‘Twitter’ closes the Twitter account of the Indian company ‘Koo’ !

‘Koo’ is popular in all 195 countries of the world

New Delhi  – A foreign company ‘Twitter’ has closed the Twitter account of the Indian company ‘Koo’. This account was opened to address the queries of the public. Earlier, Twitter had banned the accounts of journalists from many major newspapers and news channels including ‘The New York Times’, ‘The Washington Post’ and  ‘CNN’.

1. With regards to the ban on Koo’s account on Twitter its co-founder and CEO Aprameya Radhakrishna questioned their decision, he asked ‘Why was our account closed ? We did not know about its closure. Twitter has not given us any intimation regarding this issue.’  He also tweeted, ‘Koo’s account has been banned.’ Why ? Is it because we are a competitor to Twitter ? What kind of freedom of speech is this and what kind of world are we living in ? What’s going on here, Elon Musk ?”

2. Only last month, Mayank Bidwatka, the co-founder of Koo, said that Koo has now become the second largest social media in the world.

3. According to the information given on the website of ‘Koo’, apart from India, ‘Koo’ is being used in all 195 countries in the world including America, Britain, Singapore, Canada, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Nepal and Iran. The ‘Koo’ app was made in the year 2020 by ‘Bambinet Technologies Pvt. Ltd.’ in Bengaluru.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Has twitter done this deliberately to eliminate competition ?
  • Why are those who talk about freedom of speech silent now ? The Government should question Twitter on their arbitrariness.

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