If the Mughals has truly opposed the Hindus, then the Hindus would not have !’

Retired District Judge Vasantha Mulsawalagi’s anti-Hindu ‘findings’ !

Retired District Judge Vasantha Mulsawalagi

Vijaypura (Karnataka)  – Retired District Judge Vasantha Mulsawalagi recently asked the below few questions in a seminar. If the Muslims had opposed the Hindus during the time of the Mughal empire, then there would not have been a single Hindu left in India. They would have killed all the Hindus. Even though the Mughals had ruled over India for hundreds of years the Muslim population is still a minority, How is this possible ? (Mulsawalagi himself should try and find out why Muslims are still a minority – Editor.) Have the objectives of the Constitution been fulfilled here ? The seminar where he raised these questions was organised by the ‘Rashtriya Souhard Vedike’ in collaboration with other organisations. His statements are currently being widely circulated on social media.

Vasantha Mulsawalgi further stated,

1. “One should learn about the 700-year history of the Muslims in India. The Mughal Emperor Akbar’s wife Jodha always remained a Hindu. She was never converted. Akbar had built a temple for Krishna within the palace premises.” (Mulsawalagi is glorifying Akbar’s and Jodhabai’s relationship by watching the various films that have been released about them. He has not even bothered to understand true history ! – Editor)

2. Hindu Gods like Bhagwan Ram and Bhagwan Krushna are the characters of a novel they are not historical figures. Emperor Ashok is a historical figure. (These statements show how ridiculous Mulsawalagi’s statements are ! In fact, research should be conducted on how such people with such distorted views manage to reach such high positions in the justice system. – Editor)

3. A Shivalinga in Uttarakhand has an image of Buddha. Now Buddhists have filed a petition on this matter. Temples have been said to be converted into Mosques. Before the construction of these temples, Emperor Ashok had built over 84 thousand Buddhist monasteries. Where did they all go ? Further, he also asked “All this happens over a period of time. Should such things be hyped into major issues ?” (The false propaganda that ‘Buddhist monasteries were demolished by Hindus and temples were built iistead’ is a rumour being spread by communists. Plus such statements made by Mulsawalagi are a part of it. Hindus should not fall prey to such slander ! – Editor)

Editorial viewpoint

The Mughal Empire was not spread all over India, this is history.  The Mughal army had a large number of Hindu chieftains.  So Mughals could never eliminate the Hindus, because the Mulasawalgis does not know this history, he is becoming laughing stock himself by making such ridiculous statements !

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