Total Lunar Eclipse tomorrow, 8th November

Goa – All of Asia, Australia, the eastern part of America, and South America will be able to see the Eclipse on Tuesday (8th November). There will be a total Lunar Eclipse only in eastern parts of India and a partial Eclipse in the rest. In India, Lunar Eclipse will begin with the moonrise and end with the moonset.

Time of the lunar eclipse in Mumbai

 1. Begins : 8.11.2022 at 2.39 p.m.

 2. Maximum : at 4.30 p.m.

 3. Ends : at 6.19 p.m.

The restrictions (Do’s and Don’ts) of the Eclipse should be followed from sunrise to sunset on 8th November. From 11 a.m. to sunset, children, the elderly, infirm, sick, and pregnant women should follow the Eclipse restrictions (Ref: Date Almanac). A detailed Marathi article on this was published in the daily Sanatan Prabhat on 5th November. This Marathi article can also be found on Sanatan Prabhat’s website at :

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