Supreme court bans virginity test on rape victims !

New Delhi – The Supreme Court recently banned the two-finger virginity test in cases of rape and sexual abuse. It also clarified its position by stating that those who conducted such tests would be held guilty on charges of malpractice.

  1. The Court said that it has repeatedly refused to conduct virginity tests in cases of rape and sexual abuse. There is no basis for this test. On the contrary, it is like another rape of the female victim. It would be like giving her another unnecessary mental agony. Hence, this test should not be performed.
  2. The Court further ordered the Union Health Ministry to ensure that rape and sexual abuse victims are not subjected to virginity tests. Along with this, both the Central and State Governments and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare have been ordered to send this instruction to all Government and private hospitals.
  3. The Court also suggested conducting a workshop for healthcare workers so that the female victims can be properly tested. Along with this, medical textbooks are also to be re-evaluated to note that the virginity test is inappropriate when examining rape or sexual abuse victims.

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