The States and the union territories should discuss on ‘one nation, one Police uniform’ : Appeal from PM Narendra Modi

New Delhi – PM Narendra Modi has appealed to all States and union territories to discuss on ‘one nation, one Police uniform’. He was talking about it while addressing the ‘Chintan Shivir’ of the State Home Ministers. In this camp, the Home Ministers of 8 States were present along with deputy Home Ministers of 16 States. The topics like modernisation of the Police department, management of cyber-crimes, use of technology in law, border management, sea-shore safety, women security, smuggling of drugs, etc. were discussed.

Narendra Modi further added that law and order are not restricted to one particular State because the crime rate is increasing within the States and within the nation. Hence, coordination between the State and central administrative systems is necessary. Unless the Police and the central organisations don’t think on the same page and unite together for fighting against this scenario, till then it is impossible to find a solution. This two days ‘Shivir’ was held under the leadership of Central Home Minister Amit Shah.