Violence by fanatic Muslims opposing crackers at Vadodara

  • Shops and vehicles gutted

  • Throw stones and petrol bombs !

Vadodara (Gujarat) – Fanatic Muslims objected to the bursting of crackers on the night of 24th October 2022 and resorted to violence. Petrol bombs were hurled. This incident occurred near the Muslim medical centre in the Panigate area. Police have so far arrested 19 people in this connection. The Police informed that one rocket led to a two-wheeler catching fire which started the clashes leading to violence. The street lights were purposely switched off on this road at the time of violence and arson; therefore, it is said that the violence was a planned conspiracy.

People were bursting crackers on the occasion of Deepawali. The fanatic Muslims told them not to burst crackers in that area when there were arguments between them and people from both sides started gathering. Soon, they came to blows; followed by the burning of shops and vehicles. There was even stone-pelting and hurling of petrol bombs. Police had to resort to a ‘lathicharge’ to bring the situation under control. No information has so far been received on the loss of life. Presently, a huge Police force has been deployed to guard the area. The Police are checking CCTV footage to nab the persons involved. Two persons have been taken into custody so far and interrogated.

Editorial viewpoints

  • Hindus never resort to violence during Eid or Moharram, but fanatic Muslims start rioting even at that time, and the so-called secularists and pro (re) gressive factions always keep mum on such things !
  • Hindus are wondering how in a State like Gujarat led by BJP, people dare to resort to violence ?

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