‘ORS’ inventor Dr Dilip Mahalanabis passes away

(ORS is Oral Rehydration Solution – a mixture of water, sugar, and salt)

Kolkata (Bengal) – Famous Paediatrician Dr Dilip Mahalanabis passed away in a private hospital here, on 17th October. He was 88 years old. He was under treatment for some days. Dr Dilip Mahalanabis discovered ORS during the 1971 Bangladesh war. At that time there was a cholera epidemic. At that time lakhs of patients’ lives were saved because of ORS. At that time the mortality rate reduced from 30% to 3%.

This gave ORS worldwide recognition. In 2002 “The University of Columbia and Cornell” awarded him the Pollin award, and the Thailand Government felicitated him in 2006 with the ‘Prince Mahidol Award’; but the Indian Government did not give him any award. (One should not be surprised if it is said that merit is not recognised in India ! – Editor). Dr Mahalanabis had donated Rs One crore to ‘The Institute of Child Health.’

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