Kirti Azad, leader of Trinamool Congress states false information about Golvalkar (Guruji)

(Left side) Leader of Trinamool Congress Kirti Azad

Kolkata (Bengal) –  Leader of Trinamool Congress and former cricket player disgraced RSS 2nd Sarsanghachalak H.H. Madhavrao Golvalkar (Guruji) with false statements on the tweet. He stated falsely along with his picture on a tweet that Golvalkar was ready for the slavery of the British; but he did not want Independence giving equal rights to dalits, backwards and Muslims. (Nationalist Public should oppose such selfish politicians disgracing national heroes like Bhagat Singh, Golwalkar Guruji for personal political gains. – Editor)

1. One individual using tweet has said that what Azad has written is not true. He should keep quiet.

2. Sushil Agrawal tweeted, the book mentioned by Azad was rejected by RSS and Golwalkar Guruji.

3. Many using Twitter users have denied Azad’s statements stating it to be false; they have said that H.H. Golwalkar Guruji had not made such remarks.

Editorial viewpoint

Trinamool Congress leaders exposing own ignorance about not knowing anything concerning  RSS and H.H. Golwalkar Guruji.