Two Hindu temples vandalised in Trinidad and Tobago

Biblical verses against Idol-worship written on the wall of the temple !

The intention underlying the display of this image is not to hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus, but to make them comprehend the denigration – Editor

New Delhi – Last week, two Hindu temples were vandalised in Trinidad and Tobago, Carribbean island country off the American continent. These incidents took place in Couva and Penal areas.

An unknown assailant vandalised an Idol in Shri Mahakali Temple at Carli Bay in Couva, and also smeared olive oil on the Idol. Along with this, verses from the Bible were also written on the walls of the temple which warned Idol worshippers. The priest of the temple Pandit Satyanand Maharaj said that a complaint has been lodged in the Police Station in this matter.

Shri Ganesh temple was found to be vandalised in Penal area, clothes were stripped off from other Idols. The vandals broke the back door of the temple and entered and vandalised it. The donation box was also damaged. The Police suspect that the incident took place with the intention of theft.

Editorial Viewpoint

When Hindu temples in Hindu-majority India are being vandalised, it is no surprise that Hindu temples are getting vandalised abroad, where Hindus are a minority ! To change this situation, India needs to create impact like Israel !

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