Mudeshwar Devi Temple at Kaimur (Bihar) has a practice of bloodless sacrifice !

Mudeshwar Devi temple

Kaimur (Bihar) – At the Mudeshwar Devi temple here during Navratri, a goat’s bloodless sacrifice is done, for fulfilling their prayers. That is, the sacrifice process is completed without killing the goat. It is believed that this Temple has been here since the 5th Century.  The temple is on a 600-foot-high hill.

(Credit : News18 Bihar Jharkhand)

The temple pujari Pintu Tiwari informed that the goat is taken inside the sanctum sanctorum. The goat is kept at the feet of Devi’s Idol. The mantras are chanted and thereafter the goat becomes unconscious. After the puja is over the goat regains consciousness on its own. The goat is then handed over to the devotee who had brought it. This is the ritual for offering the sacrifice, that is the goat is not killed. Many devotees free the goat after it is sacrificed in this manner. While some devotees slaughter the goat after taking it home and then eat the meat as prasad. Nobody knows when this ritual for the sacrifice originated.