Government of Canada advises its citizens not to travel to certain Indian States

A few days ago, India issued such an advisory to its citizens in Canada !

Ottawa (Canada) – The Government of Canada has listed some States for Canadian citizens on a visit to India. It includes Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Assam, and Manipur. The Canadian Government has advised its citizens that they should not travel to these States citing security reasons. In the wake of the incidents of attacks on Indian students in Canada in the last few days, India had also advised its citizens in Canada not to travel to the certain Canadian States. Following that, Canada issued an advisory to its citizens about India.

1. Canada has said that travel to the Indian States bordering Pakistan should be avoided. Do not travel within 10 km of the border area. Citizens should be careful considering the uncertainty about security in this area and the possibility of landmines.

2. In an earlier advisory, India had said that there has been an increase in hate crimes, communal violence, and anti-Indian activities in Canada in the past few days. The Government of India and the Embassy of India in Canada have taken note of these incidents and requested the Government of Canada to look into the matter. Owing to these increasing incidents, Indian citizens in Canada, students and Indians intending to travel to Canada should be vigilant.

Editorial Viewpoint

It is only because of India’s advisory that Canada has issued this advisory to its citizens ! It has been a trend so far that other countries adopt tit-for-tat with India, while India believes in Gandhigiri. It needs to be changed now !