Possibility of a ban on PFI by the next week !

  • PFI preparing for retaliatory action
  • Possibility of a suicide attack

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) – Nationwide crackdown and raids on the Popular Front of India (PFI) are in full swing at present. Owing to this, it is said that a ban will be imposed on PFI by the coming week. Against this action, there is a possibility of violence from PFI across the country. It is said that their cadres have been instructed to do such preparations and act.

A few days ago, the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad seized a booklet from a PFI activist in Mumbai. Information about the cadres being trained for terrorist activities across the country was mentioned in this booklet. Also, there is a plan to target Government agencies, BJP and RSS leaders. The booklet also states that the revenge against the arrest of PFI leaders is being devised. The word ‘Bayathis’ has been used for this purpose. Bayathis is an Arabic word. It means ‘merchant of death’ or a suicide attack. It refers to swearing to kill someone or die.

Editorial Viewpoint

Even after the action of investigative agencies, PFI prepares for a retaliatory attack; this shows how much prepared it is ! It is shameful not to take action against PFI until now !