Another round of raids on PFI all over the country !

  • More than 100 people arrested
  • Includes 30 people from Shaheen Bagh while 27 from all over Maharashtra

New Delhi – National Investigation Agency (NIA), anti-terrorist squads of 9 States, and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) have once again conducted raids at the locations of the Popular Front of India (PFI) wherein more than 100 people have been detained; including 30 from Delhi, 45 from Karnataka, and 27 from Maharashtra. In the earlier raids, 106 people were arrested from 15 States. The people arrested during the first raids revealed many things, which led to the second round of raids.

1. NIA raided Shaheen Bagh in Delhi, after which the Central Police Force staff has been deployed there. At the same time, PFI’s 27 activists from Maharashtra, 6 from Kolar in Karnataka, and 25 from Assam have been arrested.

2. From the action taken in 7 districts of Assam, 25 activists and leaders of this outfit have been arrested. The spokesperson of Assam Police informed that 5 activists were arrested from Kamrup (Rural), 10 from Golpara, 1 from Karimganj, 1 from Udalguri, 1 from Darang, 3 from Dhubri, and 2 from Barpeta were arrested.

Goal of conversion of India as an Islamic country by 2047 !

It has been written in the papers found with the arrested activists that PFI wanted to gain power in India. In 2047 when India will be celebrating her 100 years of Independence, India should be converted into an Islamic country. If only 10% of Muslims extend support to PFI, they would bring the cowards (Hindus) to their knees. PFI has a complete 4-level plan ready for accomplishing its goal.

Editorial viewpoint

The patriotic citizens of this country demand an immediate ban by totally uprooting PFI rather than just conducting raids on this outfit’s locations !

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